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A1eValuator references

Reference from BMT PRO, Poland

BMT PRO, a company based in Northern Poland, is a manufacturer of sheet metal components, including single parts and assemblies made of different types of materials. The company is a part of a manufacturing group – Stormbryggan AB, with headquarters in Gothernburg, Sweden, and provides its services to the international companies representing various industry sectors among which one can find heating and ventilation, automotive, IT, electronics, medical and many other.

Although we have a complete ERP system which modules cover all the most important areas in the company from manufacturing, through purchase, sales and accounting, we decided to implement a tool that enables us to calculate the prices of our services on the fly while on a business trip or during a business meeting when our company’s main system and resources are not available easily.

A1eValuator cost calculation service from DYP International occurred to be a perfect answer to our needs. Simplicity of use, sufficient number of options to choose from and efficiency of the quotation process are among many strong points of the service. We very often act under a huge time pressure during our everyday tasks like performing a quick cost breakdown of a product or verifying the correctness of our suppliers’ offers. In such conditions it is extremely important to make the most of our time and solution provided by DYP fits our work system perfectly.

Vesa Eskelinen, DYP International’s Managing Director, has a lot of professional experience and knowledge in the manufacturing industry and was very supportive throughout the implementation process.

Therefore, we are highly satisfied with the cooperation with Vesa and the final result which we have achieved. DYP provides a service to rely on when you want to get the job done.

Łukasz Branicki



Porkka refererenssi

Reference from Porkka Finland

DYP International Oy has performed a make / buy analysis for Porkka Finland Oy, which manufactures high-quality Finnish professional refrigeration equipment.

“The analysis carried out with DYP’s A1eValuator should cost tool gives Porkka transparency and the ability to optimize the cost of its own production and subcontracting chain,” says Tapani Kiemunki, Head of Production Operations, Porkka Finland Oy.

“We got fast and professional service that took into account our own special needs. In this changing world, it is very important for industry to be able to react quickly to cost challenges as well. That’s where DYP’s eValuation service brought us the solution.”


Read more about Porkka Finland Oy

Porkka brand is a part of Finnish Festivo-Porkka Group.

Porkka is an internationally known Finnish professional refrigeration equipment designer and manufacturer. It operates in four countries and its turnover is 35m euros.

Customers of Porkka products include commercial kitchens, hotels, restaurants, fast food restaurants and catering companies, as well as hospitals, laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry.

The Porkka product range includes equipment and solutions for frozen, chilled and heated storage.

Porkka also serves the healthcare, laboratory and research industries, offering top products.

The range also includes special equipment for various industries, such as plasma freezers and incubators.

A global multi-million industrial company chose A1eValuator

We are proud to announce that A1eValuator should cost tool has just been selected by a leading publicly listed multi-billion global industrial company.

They will use A1eValuator to drive savings and cost optimization already from the design phase onwards.

We look forward to close and fruitful co-operation.


Gasera provides disruptive high-end gas analysis technology for reducing air pollution globally. We have provided them with our eValuation should cost analysis as a service.